DISGUSTING: Look What Hordes Of THUGS Did To South Beach – Should They Be BANNED?

How much would you bet they’re the first ones to lecture us about carbon footprints, fossil fuels, and plastic in the ocean?

Watch them twerk before police remove them from the beach:

Party on, dudes! But, hey, let someone else clean up the mess!


These are the same folks that would crash a house party, TP the house, shave the cat, and leave a couch floating in the pool. Real class acts, those.

You know who else leaves nasty messes for someone else to clean up? THIS guy!


Yes, Spring Breakers… we’re mocking YOU.

Your messy, drunken, sloppy, irresponsible selves are embarrassing. You’re just too blitzed to notice.

But hey! Such brave rebels, you. Flaunting authority! Posing for pics:


C’mon, really. What could THIS guy POSSIBLY know about courage and rebellion that YOU don’t know?


And then what? Do you go home, brag about how loaded you got, maybe get treated for a disease or two you contracted on your trip?

You spend a week flaunting public intoxication laws, get drunk and disorderly in public, prevent families with young children from enjoying the beach … and then what?

Go home and vote for a Democratic party who has MORE authority to control the little details of your life, like how many ounces of soda can be your cup at the local 7-11?

Go home and vote for carbon taxes, and ridiculous environmental legislation because you CARE so damned much about the environment?

Ah… no.

Exhibit A, your honor:


Haven’t you morons clued in yet? The REASON there are zero-tolerance laws for alcohol is because you can’t be trusted with it. You can’t handle your booze, and you have no idea where your limits are.

Medical staff have to treat the morons with alcohol poisoning because, naturally, they’re not busy enough already.

What’s happening when you get this loaded?

Well, rape for one. Didn’t you guys used to care about ‘rape culture’? Or was that just a passing fad.

But not everyone is delighted to see the students, including the local police department which is charged with enforcing rules introduced in 2015 banning drinking on the beach following a spate of rapes – 42 between 2007 and 2014. — DailyMail

If you didn’t trash the place, throw up everywhere, make it the beach completely unfit for families and children, and drink yourselves sick, do you really think we’d care about Spring Break?

Of course not. But because YOU don’t know your limits, the rest of us pay a price.

Share if the sloppy drunks are ruining Spring break for everyone else.

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