JERKS: Look How VA Hospital Reacted When Told To Hang Trump’s PORTRAIT In Obama’s Former Spot

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2017

Complaints were made by veterans because a VA medical facility didn’t have a portrait of the President on the wall after Obama’s portrait had been removed.

ClashDaily reported that there were some military facilities that had a great time updating the photographs with the change in administration.

Some just haven’t gotten around to it yet, like this VA hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The complaints made their way to Congressman Brian Mast, a veteran himself.

Rep. Mast served in the U.S. Army for 12 years and was a bomb disposal expert in the Joint Special Operations Command until he was seriously injured. Those injuries resulted in the loss of both of his legs.

The Congressman receives treatment at this same VA facility.

When he complained that the portrait of President Trump wasn’t on the wall, he was told by a federal employee, ‘He’s not my President’.

Rep. Mast took the matters into his own hands by providing portraits of President Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Schulk and hanging them himself.

Donald Trump’s official presidential photo will be hung in thousands of federal agencies – but they might get taken down too.

The contentiousness of Trump’s victory has already played out in a power struggle at one VA medical facility in Florida.

After what some vets perceived as a delay in getting Trump’s portrait up in the West Palm Beach’s VA hospital’s hallway, they complained to first term Republican Congressman Brian Mast, who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan.

Portraits of the sitting president, vice president, and other cabinet members are standard through thousands of federal agencies across the country. When they go up, however, seems to depend.

Obama’s portrait was ordered removed from VA facilities on January 20, according to ABC News.

Trump’s photo has already been hung at the Pentagon and most photos were expected to be hung by early March.

‘It should be there. Every other president was there wasn’t it? Something’s wrong,’ Vietnam vet Walter Korabiak told CBS 12.

Mast told Fox News when he complained to an unnamed federal employee, the bureaucrat answered ‘He’s not my president.’

On Tuesday, Mast took matters into his own hands when he decided to hang Trump’s photo in the facility himself.

So Mast went to the facility, where he also gets treatment, and had the maintenance staff help him put up portraits of Trump and Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs David Schulkin.

But after he left, the photos were promptly taken back down.
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But wait, there’s more!

After Rep. Mast left, the portraits were removed.

Watch the report on Fox & Friends:

Congressman Mast isn’t going to let this go.

He’s using social media to get his message across.

Here is a tweet from Rep. Brian Mast:

And a Facebook message with a news report:


Disgusting behavior from this VA medical center in West Palm Beach!

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