LMAO: Fake News Reporter From Fake News Co Interviews FAKE Black Chick (WATCH)

Q: Did Rachel Dolezal learn ANYTHING from her controversial claim that she ‘identifies as Black’ despite being White?

A: Nope. Not a damned thing.

The prominent ‘Trans-racial’ woman told the Today Show that she continues to ‘identify as black’.

‘Trans-Rachel’ Dolezal, who recently legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, just released a book about her experiences — In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World. In 2015, Dolezal was the President of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, as well as a part-time teacher of African Studies at Eastern Washington University. She had claimed to be ‘black’ until her parents came forward to attest that she was actually caucasian.

Watch a recap of the events:


And here is ‘Trans-Rachel’ being quizzed on which box she would have checked on her NAACP job application:

In her book, Dolezal said she was ‘too black’ for her first husband… who was black.

Her first marriage to an African American man was rough because Dolezal writes she was “too black” for him.

During a television interview in November 2015, Dolezal acknowledged being born to white parents, but also said she identifies as black. Amid the controversy of her racial identity she stepped down as president of the Spokane, Wash., branch of the NAACP.

Last year, Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, a West African way of saying “gift from the gods,” to help with job searches but continues to use Dolezal for her public persona AP reports.

In February, Dolezal said she was on food stamps because she’s been unable to find work.

Dolezal said in a release she wrote the book to “advance the conversation about race” and to set the record straight about her life.

I wish Americans understood that race is a social construct, even if we don’t want it to be,” she said in the release. “The system of racial classification is fiction, and we need to thoughtfully evaluate whether perpetuating it rigidly or allowing fluidity across the spectrum best supports human rights and social justice.
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And now, we’re up to speed.

We’re now ready to watch the interview of the Fake Black Chick by the Fake News Reporter, Savannah Guthrie from Fake News-spouting The Today Show , on Fake News channel NBC.

Watch ‘Trans-Rachel’ on the Today Show:

She is still insisting she’s black.


Dolezal says that ‘race is a social construct’.

And here I was thinking it was about genetic differences and something about melanin.

This is why the identity politics of the left is toxic.

The transgender movement is the culmination of the post-modern belief that ‘facts’ don’t matter and that truth is relative. If it’s true for you, then it’s true.

That’s crazy.

And that’s why so many are outraged at Rachel Dolezal’s assertion that she is black.

She’s about as black… as Bruce Jenner is a woman.

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