WATCH: What Bush Said About Kimmel’s ANTI-TRUMP Monologue Is BS

Are you finished with the Bush family? If not, read on…

Remember the Oscars intro? Ok, you probably didn’t watch the Oscars, judging by the ratings.

But you probably saw the clips of Kimmel’s monologue. Where he trotted out the same tired anti-Trump cheap-laugh jokes to an audience 99% full of Democrats.

Such courage!

Most conservatives were left rolling their eyes.

Most Conservatives, that is…

George W. Bush heaped praise on Jimmy Kimmel for his anti-Trump opening monologue at the Oscars on Thursday night, telling the comedian enthusiastically that his performance was ‘damn good’.

In a rare and lighthearted television appearance, Bush steered clear of mentioning the current president by name but was led into several subtle jabs at him by his mischievous host.

Among the slights was a compliment for Kimmel’s decidedly anti-Trump debut at the Academy Awards.

‘I saw your opening. I thought it was damn good!’ he enthused, adding later that Kimmel was a ‘funny guy’.


During his opening skit at the award ceremony Kimmel on Sunday landed several blows on President Trump about how he’d made the rest of the world ‘hate’ America and described a divided country that no one could fix.

He then mocked Trump’s assessment of Meryl Streep as one of Hollywood’s most ‘overrated actresses’, sarcastically piling on to her apparent mediocrity.

President Bush, eager to portray his sense of humor on Thursday, appeared to wholeheartedly approve of the roast.
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Watch the entire interview here:

It’s not as though we were REALLY under any delusions about him being a ‘rock-ribbed’ Conservative in the first place, were we?

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