This guy thought he had the upper hand. He didn’t count on the Fire Department outwitting him.

After routine traffic stop (tail light) he threatened to light a gas can on fire. It got worse from there.


‘We felt this guy was going to light himself on fire or blow the car up,’ Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez said.

…Perez was barricaded in his vehicle for about half an hour, and authorities grew concerned when he produced a lighter and gas container they thought could be flammable, Lopez said.

..He was flushed out after several attempts, and many of the van’s windows were broken.

Video captured at the scene next shows an outburst of yelling and sounds of shots fired. Perez had pulled out a knife, Lopez said.

…“What we do know is that at one point when he’s out of the vehicle he reaches behind his back and he does produce a knife — what we now know to be a knife — and an officer-involved shooting ensued shortly after,” he told KTLA. –Source: KTLA

Perez was brought to hospital, but died from his injuries.

Depending on which report you read you will either see an emphasis on the fact that Perez was a father of six, or an emphasis on the fact that he had an “‘extensive criminal history’ that included weapons violations and narcotics.”

We would rather commend the quick-thinking of the fire department for trying to save this moron from setting himself (and possibly others) on fire.

They tried to save his life, but he made his choices.

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