WATCH: Redheaded Chick Opens FIRE On Cops – Guess How They Took Her OUT!

Unorthodox? Sure. Threat eliminated? Absolutely.

You’re dumb enough to shoot at a cop? All bets are off.

What should you do when some crazy chick is fleeing pursuit while shooting at police?

Especially when she was already wanted for 4 gun crimes in the last week, including armed robbery and shooting some guy in the head.

(Oh, did we mention this encounter was in front of an Elementary School in the middle of the day?)

The cop she pointed her gun at got to work and neutralized the threat. Just not in the usual way.


Officers can be heard telling dispatchers that multiple shots are fired.
Dickson then points her gun toward the police vehicle as the car moves toward her.
The woman appeared to be yelling before she’s struck by the police cruiser. She is then seen falling and going beneath the hood of the car.

…Grafton, who has been with the department for six years, remains on paid leave while an investigation is carried out.
Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley told Tulsa World that Officer Kayla Johnson and Detective Ronnie Leatherman fired their guns during the exchange.

…She eventually jumped out of the truck and started firing at the officers when Grafton hit her with his vehicle.
Authorities said they had desperately tried to stop Dickson because of the threat she was posing.
‘She had every opportunity to stop and turn herself in,’ Ashley told Tulsa World.
Police said no one was struck by any bullets and Dickson died when she hit her head on the ground. —DailyMail

The good news?

BLM (are they still around?) won’t care enough about her case to prop her up as a national hero.

For some reason or another.

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