WATCH: ‘Some Women Have Penises’ – No, This ISN’T Satire!

If you’re a guy, and you like girls but not a penis? YOU’RE the one with a ‘problem’. Apparently.

“Genital Preferences are tranphobic”.

The dude dressed like a chick in this clip is saying all this with a perfectly straight face.

The only reason he can even bother himself about this is because North America has amassed so much wealth that he doesn’t NEED to worry about starvation or work the fields for 14 hours a day.


But that thought has never penetrated that empty little head of his.

Witness a cascade of nonsense that only a ‘Womyn’s Studies’ (or is it Transgender Studies Now?) major could follow.

Justin (now ‘Riley’) is an “intersectional feminist, activist, and video creator. Also a queer, trans, nonbinary lesbian.”

Got it? Good. Because we sure as hell don’t. He’s got an Adam’s Apple. Who does he think he’s fooling?

Justin tries to lay out the case that if a guy has THIS reaction to finding out a girl has a tallywhacker…

He is ‘transphobic’.

How dare we let the fact that she pees standing up kill any romantic interest?

That’s REALLY ‘insensitive’ to the girl with the schlong. Or something.

This guy must have bought into the ‘logic is sexist’ line, because anyone who really wanted to take the time could turn every one of his lame-ass arguments right back on themselves.

This is what passes for intellectual discourse today. No wonder these lightweights are ‘triggered’ and need ‘safe spaces’.

After that mess, am I the only one with THIS song in my head?

It used to be that EVERY human trait was somehow linked back to Darwin. However convoluted they had to make it, they found a way.

Now they don’t even bother with biology or logic.

If his mother and father didn’t have such ‘transphobic’ preferences, he’d never have seen the light of day. But why bring biology into it?

Share if society is going to Hell in a handbasket.

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