Bro Sees Something JACKED In Viral Post of Illegal Immigrant Who ‘Pays Taxes’

This chick’s Facebook post went viral and the Media (D) went nuts. But watch this video break down ALL of the problems with this post.

In case you missed it, 23-year old, Belen Sisa, claimed that she was an illegal immigrant alien and had paid $300 in taxes to the state of Arizona.

It was a classic case of argumentum ad misericordiam also known as an ‘Appeal to Pity’ — a logical fallacy that we all know. The Left uses it all the time. It’s your typical ‘Sob Story’.

Here is her post:


James Allsup just couldn’t let Sisa get away with it when he spotted the form that she was holding up was a federal, not state form.

And it was blank.

That’s just the beginning.


Sisa claims she is working legally because she is a ‘Dreamer’ and received a work permit through DACA.

Belen, that, honey, is documentation.

So, tell me again how she’s not benefitting?

She’s not being deported because she was brought over as a child, and the government allows her to work, attend school, and generally live her life here… despite her illegal status.

She now has a quasi-legal status.

Thanks, Obama.

And she’s obviously a spread-the-wealth socialist Bernie supporter.

She rants about the 1% ripping off Americans and that illegal immigrants aliens shouldn’t pay taxes…

Ummm, no.

The wealthiest 3% pay 52% of all income tax revenue, you moron.

There are some YUGE problems with Belen Sisa’s claim.

Thanks for pointing them out James Allsup!

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