CLASH POLL: Do You Think United Airlines SUCKS For Doing THIS To Passenger?

So much for ‘Fly The Friendly Skies’.

Sometimes you can’t fly with United, and if you persist — they won’t be friendly about it.

On Sunday, a United Airlines flight from Chicago, IL to Louisville, KY was overbooked, but all the passengers were already seated on the plane. United wanted 4 seats for their employees and asked for volunteers to disembark. United offered $400 compensation and a hotel for the night. There were no takers. United upped the ante to $800 and said that the flight wouldn’t move until their 4 employees were boarded. There were still no takers. So, United did the ‘fair’ thing.

They used their computer to randomly select 4 passengers to remove from the plane.

One 69-year old man was confronted by Security and it went very badly.

The airline says that the passenger was being ‘re-accommodated’.

On Sunday, a United Airlines passenger was pulled from his plane seat and forcibly dragged off the aircraft — due to the airline overbooking the flight.

At least two passengers onboard captured the scene, which shows a man– who has not been identified– being forcibly removed from his seat and dragged down the aisle as others look on in apparent disbelief. Some clips appear to show that the man was left bleeding from the head after his face was smashed against an armrest during the scuffle.
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Watch United Airlines ‘re-accomodating’ the passenger here:

The passenger claimed to be a doctor trying to get back to Kentucky to see his patients at the hospital.

Here is video from another passenger:

Watch the bloodied passenger saying, ‘Just kill me’:

The security officer has been put on leave for his actions as public outrage mounts.

An airport cop who body-slammed a United passenger and dragged him off an overbooked flight was put on leave today – as his bosses condemned his actions amid mounting outrage over video of the incident.

The Chicago Department of Aviation said it ‘obviously’ did not condone the behavior of the security officer who was filmed slamming the man into an arm rest, knocking him unconscious and dragging him away by his arms as he bled from the mouth at O’Hare.

United is facing growing anger after they selected the 69-year-old man – who claimed to be a doctor – to be bumped from the overbooked flight to Louisville to make room for its staff on Sunday night.

The airline’s CEO apologized today even as new video emerged of the man bleeding heavily from the mouth and mumbling about suicide in the aftermath of his brutal treatment.

In the clip, the dazed man chants ‘just kill me, just kill me’ as blood pours from his mouth.

It seems to have been filmed after another clip that shows the victim somehow broke free from the airport cops and ran back onto the plane chanting ‘I need to go home, I need to go home.’
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