CRAZY or GENIUS? Chainsaw Engine Plus Tricycle Equals FAST Campus Commuting

It sure beats the Hell out of a Segway!

We don’t know what possessed this bro to slap a chainsaw engine onto a Tricycle. But it’s AWESOME, and it’s crazy fast!

The video shows the students testing the children’s Radio Flyer tricycle, powered by a 33c chainsaw engine retrofitted with a modified clutch.
‘Last October, I was at a thrift shop and saw a small chainsaw for a great price, and promptly bought it with plans to eventually attach it to something,’ said Trenton.

…The chainsaw tricycle was created by Dustin Sloan, 21, from Millbrook, New York and Trenton Charlson, 19, from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
The wannabe inventors are students at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
‘As ridiculous as it looks, it is very practical for getting around campus,’ said Dustin.
‘I’ve taken it to class for two weeks, and it makes for fast, cheap transportation. —DailyMail

How’s THAT for ‘small carbon footprint’?

These guys are our new heroes. Restoring faith in the Millenial generation!

They’re innovative, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

If more students were like him, we’d probably see fewer incidents of uptight snowflakes torching buildings when they get ‘triggered’.

Well done, lads!

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