DEAR CNN: Female City Leader BRAZENLY Admits She’s A RACIST – Is That OK?

Published on April 14, 2017

They elected a racist criminal? What is WRONG with that city?

The newest member of the Chattanooga City Council has an extensive history of criminal behavior and once proudly declared herself racist.

Demetrus “Meechie” Coonrod was arrested and sentenced to prison for charges including child abuse, assault, and armed robbery, local NBC affiliate WRCB reported on Wednesday. Coonrod is also the vice chairwoman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Local news website the Chattanoogan reports that Coonrod took part in a string of armed robberies targeting restaurants, and on one occasion a blood plasma center. The ringleader of those robberies received 45 years in prison, while Coonrod received seven. That sentence was later reduced in exchange for her testimony against a sexually predatory group of prison guards.

Coonrod was released to a Salvation Army halfway house in 2010, but was kicked out after a string of violations. In the final incident, Coonrod (who is African-American) hurled a racial slur at a white worker.

The future lawmaker said that she wanted to speak to a black man, yelling, “You’re a f**king peckerhead,” and, “You’re a f**king peckerwood.” According to the incident report, she also asserted she was a racist.

“You are god damn right I’m racist,” she reportedly said.

But fellow council members tell WRCB they are standing by Coonrod.

“Her past is her past. She was elected by the people,” said council member Darrin Ledford.

Surprise, surprise. The racist ex-con is a Democrat.

Help us out here.

Paula Deen has an allegation that she says a bad word and her career went into the toilet. Even though the court case was dismissed ‘with prejudice’.

Meanwhile, political hacks on the Left can ALLEGE that Republicans are racist (without proof), and insist that they are unfit for office for that reason. It wouldn’t matter how many decades have passed, either.

Example? Gorsuch.

But a self-proclaimed racist? That’s a good thing?

Well, considering one Huffpo blogger is writing this:
Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?

Should it really surprise us?

But she’s claiming she should have a chance for a fresh start. So which is it?

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