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EVOLUTION’S HOLDOVER: Teen Livestreams Playing With PISTOL – He Definitely WON’T Do That Again

There’s a REASON we teach firearm safety. Unfortunately, that reason was the very LAST thing this kid ever learned.

Whatever happened to simpler times when teenage boys did ORDINARY stupid crap like climbing on neighborhood roofs? Or riding a bike/skateboard off some crazy jump? Or making fireballs out of lighter fluid?

No, now kids who don’t know shiitake from shinola are passing handguns around and flashing them on social media. Gee, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Quite a lot, actually.

A 13-year-old accidentally shot and killed himself on Instagram Live after the gun he was posing with went off.
Malachi Hemphill of Forest Park, Georgia, had taken the trash out on Monday night and returned to his room when his mother heard a loud ‘boom’.
Shaniqua Stephens and her daughter kicked in the teen’s door and found him laying in a pool of blood, WXIA reported.

…Her daughter noticed Malachi’s phone was still on, and Stephens found it was still streaming through Instagram Live.
The teen was rushed to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, where he died.

…According to Stephens, someone told her son to put a clip in the gun when it went off. —DailyMail

Sadly, this was preventable. Not just by proper storage of the handgun. We don’t even know who the actual owner was, if it was — as is reported — ‘passed around’ among the teenage boys.

What WOULD have saved his life — whether he had come by the gun lawfully or otherwise — is proper firearms safety training.

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