FAKE NEWS: The ‘ASSOCIATED PRESS’ Covers For Fresno Terrorist And It’s DISGUSTING

Published on April 19, 2017

Now we know which minority group has higher ‘victim’ status in the media circles. Thanks.

They don’t mind casting a black man as a guy killing white men because he’s racist.

But they do NOT want to call him out as a Muslim killing white men because of his religious convictions.

But don’t take OUR word for it, see for yourself.

He later told police that he hates white people. His victims were all Caucasian males apparently chosen at random.
Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer called the acts ‘unprovoked’ and ‘solely based on race’. They are investigating the incident as a hate crime.
Dyer added that the killings had ‘nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made.’
He is also wanted in connection with another killing days earlier, in which a white security guard was gunned down at a Fresno motel after responding to a disturbance. — DailyMail

Ok, so the cry was ‘Allahu Akbar’. And his sincerity in shouting it is disputed. But the fact that he shouted it? That is NOT being disputed.

There is exactly ONE group connected with that phrase. And it’s not the Amish.

It isn’t accurate to call it ‘god is great’. It’s a proclamation that their god is GREATER than someone else’s.

So that’s how the story was reported in British papers.

What about the AP article?

The imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno says the suspect in a shooting that killed three people was not a member of his center.

Seyed Ali Ghazvini said Tuesday that he and other faith leaders are trying to identify Kori Ali Muhammad.

Authorities say Muhammad yelled “God is great” in Arabic while being taken into custody. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he also had posted on social media that he dislikes white people. All three victims were white.

Ghazvini offered prayers to the victims and their families. He said that members are shocked. –AP

Meanwhile, on the ‘legitimate news’ networks. What was THEIR coverage of an explicitly race-based murder spree?

The murders of three white men by a black supremacist gunman in Fresno received limited media attention on Tuesday, most notably at CNN.

CNN’s dearth of coverage of the shootings, carried out by 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, an African-American Muslim, stands in stark contrast to its reporting of other non-political news events: the manhunt for a Cleveland man who killed a 74-year-old man on Sunday, a sexual harassment scandal involving Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, and a child custody battle involving radio host Alex Jones.

A review of CNN’s broadcast through primetime shows that the Fresno killings received no mentions on air. An article about the attacks is loaded to CNN.com.

MSNBC gave a brief mention to Muhammad’s racially-motivated killings during the day Tuesday. Fox News hosts discussed the story during several primetime shows. NBC, CBS, and ABC aired segments on the story during their nightly broadcasts. —DailyCaller

Funny how this didn’t really rate as a story on CNN. You’d think with Don Lemon’s keen interest in racism, he’d be all over this story. Strangely, he was not.

So, to recap?

White people killed for being white? That’s a story they’ll reluctantly tell.

Attribute the motive to a racist black man? No problem.

Explicitly mention the Islamic war cry he shouted while killing said, white guys? Nope. Won’t do it. At least, not without several qualifiers that will exonerate Islam as a whole.

We wouldn’t want that ‘religion of peace’ to get a bad rap now, would we?

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