Here’s How Raquel Welch Is Rocking 76 WITHOUT Plastic Surgery

Here’s some good news in a culture that idolizes youthful beauty.

Our obsession with youth and beauty is over the top.

It isn’t just the ladies that get taken in by ‘body image’. Even MEN are using botox now.

Cosmetic surgery is a billion-dollar industry.

But you don’t NEED to go under the knife to age gracefully.

Raquel Welch, for instance, hasn’t EVER gone under the knife. But look at her! She looks better than many who have! And she’s in her 50’s nope. 60’s. 70’s! (Amazing, isn’t it?)

Her face is astonishingly smooth – so what is Raquel’s secret?
No, apparently not a facelift or Botox — but udder cream.
Raquel has said she is a fan of Bag Balm, an ointment used by famers to ‘soothe bruised, sore or injured teats’ of cattle.
‘Bag Balm is kind of a silly thing,’ she’s admitted. ‘It’s used when they milk cows on their udders. It is something you can put on overnight and when you wake up you don’t have a dry, cracking mouth. Believe me there are a lot of mummies walking around with Bag Balm.’ —DailyMail

She’s being smart about it, too.

Considering how horribly wrong plastic surgery CAN go, (just to pick some random examples)…


and this one…

The list would be incomplete without the ‘King’ of surgeries gone wrong:

Udder cream, huh?

Is it too late to tell Mickey Rourke?

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