HEY PATRIOTS: You Won’t BELIEVE What ‘Evidence’ Was Used To Justify That FISA Warrant! (Video)

Published on April 19, 2017

Nope. Nothing shady to see here. HONEST.

CNN, who was ACTIVELY running interference against Trump, propping up unsubstantiated allegations, and perpetuating a whisper campaign about nefarious connections between Trump and Russia?

They’ve just told us some key information about those FISA warrants.

The FISA warrants, you remember were the legal justification to gather information about someone in Trump’s inner circle.

Hang on here. Dossier?

The BOGUS dossier? The one that even CNN wouldn’t dare to run because they knew it was false? (Although they made sure they MENTIONED it so that Buzzfeed felt justified in running the hit piece.) About hookers and urine?

The one that could be falsified with one look at a passport?

Carter Page was being investigated because of evidence in a bogus dossier.

Does anyone remember where that dossier came from? It was gathered by Trump’s political rivals. They paid a guy to dig up dirt that would politically damage Trump.

And THAT dossier was offered as proof of wrongdoing? That government surveillance teams should be monitoring his calls?

Nope. In an administration that looked the other way with all of Hillary’s flaunting of the law? It’s hard to believe that this was an accident.

The campaign wasn’t even over yet.

The left had already started trotting out their Russia narrative. Coincidence?

Probably not. Especially when you consider all the ‘leaks’ that mysteriously came to light just in time to damage Trump.

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