LMAO: Idiot Lib Director Thinks ISIS Needs HUGS Not Bombs — Check Out THIS Response!

Published on April 19, 2017

Bad news for the director, crowdfunding could make it happen.

It’s easy to run your mouth. To make demands of other people.

It’s how Liberals have been spending your tax money for years.

To actually do something yourself? That takes commitment. Liberals aren’t quite so quick to jump for that opportunity.

But Since one liberal director –Josh Fox — seems SO confident that he’s got the solution to the ISIS problem, we’re giving him a chance to SHOW us, rather than tell us.

Oh, they just need hugs, do they?

Here’s a plane ticket. YOU go hug them, Josh. Lead the way to this glorious future.

Be sure to let us know how that worked. If you actually make it back. And NO, we’re not going to crowdsource a ransom for you, either.

Or else maybe you could shut up about it and let someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about do the talking.

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