LMAO: Jack@ss In BMW Takes Up 2 Parking Spaces – Bro In JEEP Sorts Him Out

Whoa! Did this guy go too far in his ‘lesson’ or was he right to do it?

A black BMW was taking up two spaces when a bro in a tricked-out jeep drives up and decides to ‘give him a hand’ with parking.

The unidentified jeep driver then tells the passenger to hop out and take a video because he was going to ‘do something’.

An angry Jeep driver decided to give a BMW owner a parking lesson.

The empty BMW was double parked in an unspecified lot, presumably to not have its doors hit by other vehicles.

Video captured by an unidentified person shows exactly how the Jeep driver chose to deal with the situation.

After driving past the poorly parked BMW, the unseen Jeep driver turns around in the parking lot and, seemingly without a second thought, rams into the luxury vehicle’s side.
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Take note:

If you park like an a-hole, someone’s going to teach you an expensive lesson.


We’ve all had that moment when we see someone deliberately park their car like that.

Some may have considered taking the situation into their own hands like this guy did.

But, did the bro in the jeep go too far, though?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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