REPORT: Psychiatrist Warns That Media Hype Is Making Gender Dysphoria … TRENDY

Published on April 20, 2017

We’re not allowed to advertise cigarettes because it hurts children. But celebrating gender confusion won’t hurt anyone?

One Australian doctor has even seen kids who’ve cut off their own penises.

Psychiatrist Stephen Stathis, who runs the gender clinic at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and is responsible for diagnosing gender dysphoria, reports that “many” youth are “trying out being transgender” in order to stand out.

Apparently, declaring oneself “transgender” is trendy. “One said to me, ‘Doctor Steve … I want to be transgender, it’s the new black,’” Stathis related.

Dr. Stathis also says many girls want to be transgender as a result of sexual abuse. “The girls say, ‘If only I had been a male, I wouldn’t have been abused,’” Stathis explained.

Some are so convinced their life would be better if they were the opposite sex that they do something drastic or permanent. “I’ve seen genital mutilation, some who try to cut off their penis,’’ Stathis said.

…Most patients, however, are simply going through a common phase of adolescent life, Stathis explained.

Despite intense feelings of gender dysphoria, by the time boys and girls reach puberty, most identify as their birth gender. By early adulthood, they have outgrown their previous feelings of gender confusion. — Lifesite

The argument is that transgendered people have a disproportionately high suicide rate. And this is supposed to fix it.

But what about the 80% of people whose adolescent gender confusion sorts itself out, aligning with their natural physiology?

What if they’ve done something irreversible. What will happen to THEIR suicide rates? Will anyone even track them? Or would it be politically unpalatable? A little like how the negative psychological effects of abortion are EXPLICITLY not tracked in some places.

Share if this is a dangerous game to play with the future of our children.