QUESTION: Why Do LIBERAL CHICKS In ‘The Media’ HATE Ivanka So Much?

Written by K. Walker on April 14, 2017

Is it her beauty, brains, and success? Or is it because her father is Donald Trump?

Is it that she was a former model and a Democrat that ‘turned’ on them?

Whatever it is, she’s been initiated into the World of Vilified Conservative Women.

The Leftists and the Media (D) have a very different standard for Conservative women.

It’s ok to slut-shame them, call them names, and mock them for things that would be normally be celebrated in leftist circles.

I can make my point with just two words: Sarah Palin.

But there are so many other examples.

Remember how there was ZERO Media (D) outrage when Ann Coulter was called the ‘c’ word multiple times?

Ivanka has been branded as a traitor to her gender, despite the years of carefully constructing a brand that included and met the needs of women, especially professional, working moms. She had the liberal ‘socially-conscious’ brand and had been praised for it — and then suffered a boycott because she supported her father’s bid for President instead of Vote-For-Me-Because-I’m-A-Woman-Hillary.

Gayle King’s baited question in the CBS This Morning interview with Ivanka was really telling. It showed the hatred that the Left has for Ivanka and anyone aligned with President Trump. King asked if Ivanka was ‘complicit’ in her father’s Administration. The choice of the word ‘complicit’ exposed the bias that King had — a Republican agenda is a criminal one. Ivanka answered with grace and poise.

So, why is Ivanka suddenly so hated?

Rachel Campos-Duffy has a wonderful article on Fox News about this very thing.

In it, she examines the ‘Liberal Mean Girls’ and their treatment of Ivanka:

During her father’s tumultuous campaign, and in the two short months of his presidency, Ivanka Trump has had a political crash course in what it’s like to walk in the high heel shoes of Republican women…

…She now knows what it feels like to have one’s life accomplishments dismissed, and your integrity, and morality questioned for being “complicit” in a conservative agenda because for liberals, to be a Republican is to be anti-woman. And to be pro-Trump, is to be a racist.

The feminist thought police will never forgive, and will therefore malign, any woman who didn’t fall for their election strategy of shaming women into voting for Hillary.

The liberal strategy for taking down the Trump family is the same one used against all Republicans: do not normalize them.

Though a registered Democrat prior to her father’s candidacy, the glamorous and unquestionably successful Ivanka has not been spared. You see, to normalize Donald Trump and his family is to normalize Republicans, and to normalize Republicans is to normalize our conservative ideas and give them a fair platform from which to be debated.

When the debate turns to ideas and results, conservatives often win. That’s why there is severe punishment in the powerful entertainment industry for anyone who even unwittingly normalizes President Trump…

…No one takes fashion cues from Chelsea or Hillary Clinton yet they both graced the cover of Vogue.

Ivanka and First Lady Melania, both towering former international models, have been banished from high end fashion magazine covers and the couture fashion runway world they once inhabited.

Marc Jacobs and other designers brag that they won’t dress Melania. Dolce & Gabanna are under fire for having the gall to celebrate the first lady wearing their creations.

Ivanka, a fashion mogul in her own right, endured an embarrassing and unjust boycott of her own fashion empire….

…Will she use her powerful platform to win back the love of the elite, intolerant feminist mean girls who are hell-bent on destroying her father’s presidency? If she does, I predict that will be a fruitless endeavor.

Or will she choose to align herself more closely with the conservative red-state sisterhood that put her father in the Oval Office? These are women who truly admire Ivanka’s work ethic, business focus and commitment to her faith and family.

Conservative women have been quietly shaping their own brand of feminism, one that gives women more freedom to chart their course and define happiness and success on their own terms.

It’s a feminism that respects the consequential role of men and the dignity of women and their children, including those still growing in their mother’s womb.
Read more: Fox News

It’s true.

‘Feminism’ has been reduced to ‘pro-abortion’.

It’s the single litmus test for political women.

Feminists are even ok with pro-Sharia women — a set of religious laws that permits wife-beating.

These ‘feminist’ moms even made hijabs for dolls to promote ‘inclusiveness’.

Feminists say that the hijab — a garment that women wear to cover their hair preventing them from driving men mad with lust — isn’t oppressive because women choose to wear it. They ‘choose’ it to protect themselves from rape.

And don’t feminists go on ‘slut walks’ to prove that women should be able to wear whatever they want and rape isn’t caused by women being alluring?

It’s truly bizarre.

The Left and the Media (D) will never let up on women who believe that life is sacred and that Conservatives actually have some good ideas.

Welcome to the club, Ivanka.

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