VIRAL VIDEO: Sorority Girl Jacks With Cop, Gets BODY SLAMMED, Is She ‘THE VICTIM?’

The video of a college student being subdued by police has gone viral. She claims the officer used excessive force.

The police dispute the claim and say that the video doesn’t provide proper context.

The officer involved was wearing a body camera, but the video will not be released until the conclusion of the investigation.

Police say that Michaella Surat, 22, had ‘shoulder-checked’ an officer in her attempt to get to her boyfriend who was kicked out of a bar for fighting with another man.

Surat says that she ‘will never be the same’ after the incident and she has been receiving death threats online.

Michaella Surat, 22, said she was left ‘humiliated’ when Fort Collins police officers violently threw her to the ground outside Bondi Beach Bar on April 6.

‘All the bones were shattered in my face. I was just so humiliated because people were watching me.

‘I can’t go to school without feeling like someone is going to approach me and hurt me, I’m getting death threats online,’ she said through tears during a Good Morning America interview.

The encounter began when Surat approached police to try to find her boyfriend who was earlier pulled out of the bar because of a fight.

Police say she ‘shoulder checked’ a bouncer and an officer while trying to get to him.

On Thursday, she insisted she had done nothing wrong when trying to find him.

‘I found out my boyfriend got kicked out of the bar and so I went out to see what happened, and then the altercation happened and one think led to another. It just escalated,’ she said…

… Fort Collins Police are investigating the incident and are refusing to release the officer’s body camera footage until they have reached a conclusion.

They say the social media video lacks ‘context’. While Surat’s lawyer admits she was ‘highly agitated’ and ‘irritated’ before she was thrown to the ground, both he and her family say she did not deserve to be treated so violently.
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Watch the take-down:

Watch the interview:

What do you think?

Is this officer being unfairly blamed?

Should Surat have expected to be taken down in a continuing altercation with police?

Was this officer just doing his job?

Or did he go too far?

Will we only be able to tell after the body-camera footage has been released?

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