WATCH: Anti-Trump LGBTQ Loons Hold ‘QUEER DANCE PARTY’ In Front Of IVANKA’S House

Is the best way to get your message across to tick off your neighbors? This group thinks so.

The same group had a ‘Queer Dance Party’ in front of Mike Pence’s house days before the Inauguration.

It was so successful in preventing Donald Trump and Mike Pence from becoming President and Vice President that they decided to do it again.

No, wait.

It didn’t do anything other than leave a mess on Pence’s lawn and make the crowd look like bratty children who walk away from a mess.

In their world, that’s ‘success’, so they did it again.

This time, they were protesting President Trump’s pulling back on ‘climate change’ policies and the rabid environmental regulations that Obama put in place.

Yes, indeedy. The crowd that left a gigantic mess all over Mike Pence’s lawn is protesting Republican Environmental policies. Stop and think about that for a second…

Oh, and Neil Gorsuch.

They don’t like him, either.

But the best part of all of this?

It doesn’t look like Ivanka was even home!

Watch the WUSA 9 report:

Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters invaded Ivanka Trump’s upmarket neighborhood in Washington D.C., for the ‘Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice’, much to the fury of other residents.

A storm of dancing people marched with signs, speakers and festive clothing while chanting obscenities directed towards the first daughter’s father to protest his administration’s rollback on Obama’s climate change policies, on Saturday night.

The rowdy crowd disrupted the usually exclusive area as they flocked to Ivanka’s $5.5million home, as one of her neighbors became so infuriated by the noisy event that he was filmed threatening to punch a demonstrator.

The 82-year-old enraged resident of the expensive Kalorama community yelled to protesters: ‘Get out of here! I live here… Do you want to get your f**king face hit?’

The protest may have fallen on deaf ears, as Ivanka and family didn’t seem to be home to witness the event.

She was last spotted in New York City on Friday as she was in town with her three children to celebrate her youngest child’s birthday with her in-laws.

Read more: Daily Mail

Watch an 82-year old neighbor get frustrated and confront the protesters:


Great work, pissing off an 82-year old man.

That’s just lovely.

Maybe it’s just me, but invading a residential neighborhood and throwing a big, lewd dance party doesn’t seem like a good idea…

Way to go, LGBT crowd!

Keep it up!

That way, the Left won’t see themselves in office again for a looooong time!

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