WATCH: Creepy Dude Gets BUSTED Creepin’ On Sexy Pics Inside LIBRARY!

Your tax dollars at work.

How creepy do you get?

Unattractive, scuzzy-looking middle-aged male? Check.

Surfing porn in a public library where young kids could walk up at any time? Check.

Completely oblivious to the person filming you acting like a moron in the pubic library? Check.

Bonus points for the old-school flip-phone he’s using to photograph the nudies on his screen for whatever unspeakable use he might have later.

Is he even employed? Who knows?

If dude spent more time on self-improvement and less on self-amusement, he might be able to meet real live girl.

Nope. He’d rather be a dumbass. It takes less work.

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