WATCH: Crocodile Takes Elephant And It’s ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL!

Nature is vicious. Here’s proof.

The video was taken from a boat on a lake in Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

A herd of elephants was drinking from the lake when a crocodile suddenly jumped out of the water and clamped on to the trunk of one elephant.

The elephant shook its trunk violently trying do get the crocodile off, but it couldn’t. The herd initially backed off, but one large elephant eventually charged the croc and knocked it off.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube last Tuesday by Alexander Makanga, who was born in Malawi but now lives in the UK.

The biomedical scientist watched the extraordinary confrontation from a boat in the river.

He later wrote online: ‘I did not realise the severity of the situation until I had finished recording.

Absolutely insane. This happened just few metres from the boat.’
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Watch the dramatic footage here:

This video shows the unbelievable grip of a crocodile and the power of an elephant.

In the croc vs. elephant battle, the croc did some damage but didn’t get a meal.

The small elephant couldn’t shake off the crocodile, but the big one smacked it off.

And the croc didn’t try again.

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