Well, here’s a real winner!

It used to be commonly held that men don’t hit women ever.

But then feminism came along and said that both men and women are equal.

That’s why you will sometimes see a woman freak out if a man holds a door open for her, because ‘That’s SEXIST!’

It could be argued that feminism hasn’t so much elevated women as it has given them a free pass to degrade themselves to the lowest and most base behaviors of uncouth ‘men’.

This video is a great example of that.

This girl gets angry and smacks a guy in the head.

That’s certainly not the right way to handle conflict.

But does the guy go too far when he hits her back?

Or is it just the fruit of rabid feminism that says that men and women are totally equal in every way?


Can this guy be held responsible that he’s just physically stronger than the women he’s hitting?

Isn’t that just the ‘new normal’?

After all, society says again and again that ‘women’ who were born male and went through puberty as men can still compete against female athletes.

LMAO: Transgendered Strudel Hun Wins WOMEN’S Weightlifting Title

WTF? Black Teen With Mustache Says ‘He’s A SHE’ And … POOF! He’s A Female ‘TRACK STAR’

Look at transgender MMA-fighter Fallon Fox.

If the bro was wearing a dress would it be any less offensive?

Isn’t that the same thing?

Or, do you think that this bro couldn’t have been more wrong in his handling of the situation?

Because you think that men still shouldn’t hit women ever.

That guy really hauled off and hit these girls.

Is that ever ok?

Let us know in the comments.

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