WATCH: Here’s PROOF That At Least 60 Parents FAILED At Raising Kids

How do you know you’ve failed as a parent? Here’s Clue Number 1.

If you get a call from Mall Security that your teen daughter has been in a massive brawl, you know you’ve messed up somewhere.

A massive brawl at a mall in Orange Park, Florida, involved up to 60 teenage girls and led to 5 arrests. Most involved are teens, but at least one adult was involved, according to one parent.

The unbelievable footage was uploaded to Facebook. It had over 500,000 views before it was removed from the social media platform.

Young women can be seen kicking and punching each other in the footage of the altercation, with many of them appearing to wear matching shirts with an airbrushed design.

Most of the people involved appeared to be teenagers, but at least one adult may have been involved, according to an account a parent of one of the arrested teens gave CBS.

Her 15-year-old daughter was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, but the mother said her daughter was actually a victim.

‘[The aggressors] were walking around the mall bullying my daughter and her friends’ she said.

‘My daughter and her friends were minding their own business when the adult started pick on them and saying stuff. The adult spit in my daughter’s face.’

The mother, who said her daughter was beaten while on a couch at the Orange Park Mall, also said her teenager and her friends did not know the other women involved in the attack.
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Parents — what the heck is this?

Did you raise your girls to behave this way?

Do they not know what is and is not acceptable anymore?

This is all the more shocking for being such a large group of girls.

Well, so much for demure, young ladies.

Thanks, Feminism!

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