WATCH: Race Baiting Liberals Get ‘TRIGGERED’ Over Pepsi Ad With Kendall Jenner

Pepsi was trying to engage ‘The Resistance’ with their new ad… but it completely BACKFIRED.

Pepsi’s new slogan is ‘Live for Now’.

They’re probably glad they didn’t go with ‘The Choice of the Protest Generation’.

Because that group just turned on them.

The cola company tried to ride the wave of Millennial outrage that is demonstrated by constant protests over… well, everything.

Pepsi created an ad that features a protest of diverse people and a police presence.

Kendall Jenner comes out from her high-fashion photo shoot, dons a pair of jeans, and ends the standoff by handing a police officer a can of Pepsi.

Crisis over.

Gee, what could the snowflakes be so upset about?

Pepsi has come under fire for its ‘tone deaf’ new advert starring Kendall Jenner, with people accusing it of exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement for its own gain.

The two-and-a-half-minute commercial features Kendall stepping out of a crowd of multi racial protesters to end a stand-off with police officer by handing him a can of Pepsi.

The imagery – whether intentional or not – evokes the real-life moment protester Ieshia Evans faced down lines of heavily armed police wearing riot gear during a Black Lives Matter demonstration over the fatal shooting of a black man by police.

Evans was arrested moments later, unlike Kendall whose actions win her knowing smile from the Pepsi ad’s handsome, enlightened cop.

The ad has sparked outrage online from hundreds accusing Pepsi of trying to cash in on the Black Lives Matter protests. Twitter was flooded with deeply sarcastic posts mocking the ‘tone deaf’ ad.
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Watch a clip of the new Pepsi ad here:

Just how ‘triggered’ were they?

Take a look:











That’s more triggered than this:


Many compared the ad to the photo of Iesha Evans with police in riot gear in Baton Rouge:


FYI: Evans was arrested for blocking a highway during a July 2016 BLM protest.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think this was more of an ad that was targeting the anti-Trump movement rather than the BLM crowd. Look at the signs — ‘Choice’, ‘Join the Conversation’, and look at who is in the crowd — LGBT, Muslims, one black guy, the photographer is a woman in a hijab, etc. This is more the #NotMyPresident crowd than BLM.

Look at the song choice as well — ‘We are the movement, this generation. You’d better know who we are.’

And, yes, it is disgusting that a cola company would encourage protest.

But the BLM movement has to make it all about them and their B.S. assertion that there is systemic racism in every police force in America.


It’s a pretty crappy ad, partly because there seems to be no reason for the protest.

Was it bad enough for the race baiters to get themselves in a flutter?


But you know they would do that anyway.

It does leave one question though…

Why did BLM think it was their protest?

There wasn’t any looting and vandalism at all — like there are at real BLM protests.

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