WTF? Gang Rape Of Young Girl Streamed LIVE On Facebook – No One CALLED Cops

In a Press Conference, Police expressed their disgust that no one called 911 to report the rape.

The traumatized 15-year old girl was filmed being gang raped by 6 males and it was viewed on Facebook Live by as many as 40 people.

Yet not one of them called the police.

The teen is now being bullied and made fun of on social media for being gang raped.

It’s just disgusting.

One 14-year old boy has been charged, and Police are seeking a 15-year old boy in connection with the crime. Others involved in the assault have yet to be identified.

“She’s just having such a difficult time even communicating what occurred to her,” Cmdr. Brendan Deenihan said at a news conference at Chicago police headquarters. “We obviously have a video of the incident, so we have verifiable objective evidence of what occurred to this young lady, but she’s just having a very difficult time.

“On top of it, there’s constant social media … bullying (of the girl), making fun of what occurred. This is just a very traumatic incident.”

The girl had stayed over with family the evening of March 18 and gone to church with them the next day, then was dropped off near home before disappearing.

Deenihan said the girl was “lured” to a residence by one of the attackers, who did not allow her to leave.

As many as six males took part in the assault, police have said. She was found two days later walking down the street near her home.

The 14-year-old boy was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, manufacture of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography, all of which are felonies, police said.

The boy faces a hearing in juvenile court Monday, court officials said.

One of the suspects broadcast the assault on Facebook Live, and authorities have said that as many as 40 people saw it. None called police, an abstention that enraged Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

“We’ve seen a couple acts in this city now in the last few months involving social media, and it just disgusts me that people could look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911,” he said at the press conference. “It makes you wonder where are we going, what are we doing as a society?
Read more: Chicago Tribune

What are we doing as a society?

More than 3 dozen people saw this as just more ‘entertainment’.

Has our culture been so sexualized that a teen can be raped by a group of males without even questioning it?

Have we as a society become so desensitized to the horrors of crime that so many can watch it without recognizing it for what it is?

I really hope we haven’t come to that point yet.

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