VIRAL VIDEO: Black Thugs Body Slam Elderly White Woman And Then Tried To …

Hey Lefties … have you got a good explanation for why one of your favorite victims groups has such a proclivity to unprovoked violence on strangers?

Recently we’ve seen some messed up stuff.

A retired guy with a cane was harassed and thrown around like a rag-doll by teens while watering his own lawn.

One woman confronted her baby-daddy and the other woman in a department store — and then shots ring out off-camera.

Or the New Jersey town where one of the locals was swarmed and savagely beaten. (NOT an isolated incident.)

For a variety of reasons, communities are producing a disturbing trend of hair-trigger violence. And the incidents seem to be getting increasingly egregious.

But THIS? Seriously?

Is nothing sacred?

An elderly woman and her two little dogs asked the neighbors to turn down the music.

She should have had the cops do it. She could have avoided getting hurt.

Look how they mistreat her. (You’ll notice that rather than stepping in and telling the loser he was WAAAAAAY out of line, they just filmed it.)

It was a FEMALE voice that shouted ‘throw her in’! So much for the ‘fairer sex’.

A man then pops up in front of her and picks her up as they both fall to the ground.
It’s unclear if the man accidentally slipped and fell with the woman in his arms or if his intention was to body slam her.
However, he quickly got up and grabbed the woman by her shirt and one of her legs and hurled her into the swimming pool, falling in the pool himself.

…After the man threw the woman in the swimming pool, panicked party-goers are filmed running away from the scene. —DailyMail

And whatever reason you give, make sure it doesn’t involve the poverty excuse.

There are plenty of people — of every conceivable color — who could NEVER afford to hang out at a pool like that, who wouldn’t DREAM of treating an elderly woman with such disrespect.

If you can’t afford to respect people, you’re a whole DIFFERENT kind of poor.

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