WATCH: Armed Thug Tries To Carjack Bro – Bro Sends Him To Hell!

This is why you should always carry your gun.

In the peaceful, strict gun-controlled leftist paradise of Chicago, this happened:

A motorist pulled out a gun when Ronald Morales, 43, approached his car at a gas station in Elmwood Park, Illinois.

The men shot at each other multiple times in broad daylight before Morales ran away and the driver sped off.

Morales eventually died from his injuries – but police say they won’t be charging the man who killed him because he was acting in self defense.
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On April 8 at 4:52 pm, the driver was pumping gas when he made eye contact with Morales as he exited the gas station convenience store.

Morales pulled out a gun and opened the door of the passenger door of the car. The driver was already inside his vehicle at this point. Morales closed the door and spoke to the driver through the window.

The driver, feeling threatened, pulled his own gun and the two exchanged fire.

Morales ran off, but not before bing hit with bullets.

He was shot several times and eventually died from his wounds.

Police say that the driver acted in self-defense and is not being charged.


Would YOU be ready to act in this situation?

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