Big U.S. City Creates Hotline To Snitch On Those Of Us Who Disagree With Sharia Law

Published on June 22, 2017

Here we go again: this is being done in the name of preventing ‘hate speech’. What could *possibly* go wrong?

The future ‘must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’ amirite? Not one of Barry’s finer moments to be sure. But his ideological clones are absolutely running with that idea.

Considering the history of leftwing groups vexing their enemies with meaningless lawsuits, this could go south in a hurry.

Especially if you look at how many hoax ‘hate’ stories we’ve seen in the news over the last year.

White supremacist ‘hate‘ crime.

DEAR CNN: The Jack@ss That Made 8 BOMB Threats To Jewish Center Is A LIBERAL & A MUSLIM

NY Muslim Yasmin Seweid ARRESTED For Filing BOGUS ‘Islamaphobia Report’

That supposed ‘Right Wing Extremist’ they tried to tie to Trump in the Portland stabbing? He made a POINT of telling the world he didn’t vote Trump. (He was actually a Bernie Bro who hated Hillary, too.)

But now they’re setting up a hotline explicitly designed to invite hate speech complaints?

How could this possibly go wrong?

Remember, Clockboy launched several nuisance lawsuits where he lived. Do you think that will be an isolated case?

CAIR makes a business of forcing public compliance to Islam’s demands with the threat of lawfare.

It’s a racket. And it’s being very successful.

Then again, what should we expect from a religion whose name means ‘submit’?

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