Published on June 10, 2017

If you stay silent about THIS issue, turn in your Feminist card and burn that stupid hat.

The ‘teaching’ at one of Virginia’s largest mosques was so egregious, even one Imam quit over it.

The senior Imam — Imam Shaker Elsayed — spoke in support of Female Genital Mutilation. It is honorable, he said, when done correctly.

To be perfectly clear, the difference between male and female circumcision — the male circumcision is a removal of a fold of skin, which has little or no impact on a man’s enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

The explicit purpose of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is to cut the clitoris and limit or destroy female sexual pleasure. (That doesn’t even begin to address the lifelong and sometimes catastrophic health consequences the female victims of this barbaric practice endure.)

As a result of the resignation, attention was focussed on the teaching. Shortly after, they denounced his statements.

In a recorded lecture on June 3, Elsayed described the practice as a way to avoid ‘hypersexuality’ and ‘the honorable thing to do if needed’.
In the lecture, Elsayed says that the practice, also known as female circumcision, has received a bad name because poorly trained surgeons are too aggressive in the procedure.
He said the surgery is properly carried out with a minimalist approach ‘so that she is not hypersexually active. This is the purpose.’
Dar Al-Hijrah’s board denounced Elsayed’s comments Monday. Two days later, it placed him on administrative leave.
Elsayed later issued a clarification through the mosque’s website saying that ‘Islam would never support anything that harms anybody’s well-being’ and that he should have avoided his comments on hyper-sexuality.
‘I hereby take it back. And I do apologize to all those who are offended by it,’ Elsayed wrote.

One wonders if this is more about damage control than it is about rejecting the idea itself. There are, you may remember, TWO people in America that we know of who face charges for this horrific practice.

We also know he’s not unique in his position. An Egyptian MP — Member of Parliament! — argued in favor of the practice just last year.

Because — his words, not ours — the poor impotent men of Egypt cannot possibly satisfy the urges of their uncircumcised wives. Uh, could there be a better solution besides mutilating your women’s va-jay-jays?

Maybe men could try that little blue pill? Or maybe try limiting yourself to just ONE wife, if you’re having so much trouble keeping HER satisfied.

Is this really rocket science?

But we have men right here in America advocating that women get part of their body removed so that they are more sexually compliant to their husbands.

And ‘doctors’ in America charged for cutting the clitoris off of young girls.

What’s it take to outrage a Feminist these days? Are you waiting to be told he voted Republican?

Your move, Feminists. When can we expect you to march? This happened almost a week ago. You’d better get started soon. The outrage clock is ticking.

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