DEAR PATRIOTS: Should Christian Cakemakers Be Forced To Make A Gay Cake?

Written by K. Walker on June 27, 2017

The case is heading to the Supreme Court! Which way should it go?

The hard decisions are not the decisions between the good thing and the bad thing. Those are easy. The hard decisions are when ‘good’ things come into conflict. Which one takes priority?

The good things (as each side sees them) are the freedom to marry whomever you choose, and the right to exercise religious freedom.

Obviously, each side has a problem with the other side’s premise. That’s why it’s headed to court.

On one side, Forbidding SSM is often framed as equivalent to forbidding a person to marry anyone with different ethnic background. And whether you, personally, agree or not, that’s effectively the current view of the government on that issue.

On the other side, is the freedom from being compelled to do anything that would violate one’s conscience.

Before the Left rushes to throw that under the bus, they should stop and remember that this is exactly the reason we can even have such a thing as Conscientious Objectors.

Going to war was a violation of conscience among some religious groups. So they were permitted to serve their Country in other ways besides killing the other side’s soldiers.

Are activists REALLY trying to make the case that this is a sufficient reason to avoid Conscription, but somenow not reason enough to bake a cake?

Meanwhile, the very same Left celebrates when artists refuse to let Conservatives use their music to promote Republican events.

That is an issue that stands on principle. The right not to have one’s work promote principles they are opposed to. Because if you can force Christians to bake a gay cake, you can also force BLM supporters to do a thin blue line cake, or Jews (and gays) to do a Hitler Cake.

With those issues on the line, the Supreme Court will now be hearing this case.

The justices said they will consider a case involving Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. The issue: can the government coerce a person to create artistic expression that communicates a message with which he fundamentally disagrees?

“There are a number of artists across this nation who are being coerced into violating their religious convictions or having to choose between their right to create artistic expression that is consistent with their faith,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner told me. “This kind of government coercion is unconstitutional.”

…Mr. Phillips politely declined – explaining to the gentlemen that he would make them any other type of baked item they wanted – but he simply could not make a cake promoting a same-sex ceremony because of his faith.

…It did not seem to matter that the gay couple was able to obtain their rainbow-themed cake for free from another nearby cake artist.

Lower courts ruled that Mr. Phillips discriminated against the gay couple under Colorado law. He was ordered to make cakes for homosexual newlyweds and to file reports for two years to show that he was abiding by anti-discrimination laws. He was also ordered to “reeducate” his staff on discrimination. — read more

Can you imagine the outrage if the gay couple was sent off to ‘re-education’, even if it were to learn about the baker’s rights which are upheld in Law?

As for gay marriage itself? We’re supposed to accept it without question, right? Should we disregard the firsthand accounts of people who have lived that life and walked that road?

According to one man’s personal testimony… for all of Hollywood’s promotion of the ‘gay’ lifestyle, it isn’t quite the sunshine and lollipops we’ve seen it portrayed to be. Not JUST the health effects, but psychologically, too.

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