Jenner Slammed For JOKE About Liberals After Leftist Terrorist Attack At Baseball Field

Published on June 19, 2017

And just like that, Liberals decide there’s a ‘line’ that shouldn’t be crossed.

Notice the only time Liberals care about whether a joke is in ‘poor taste’ is when THEY are the butt of it?

When Colbert — even though there is STILL Zero evidence of Russian collusion — makes a joke about Trump’s mouth being Putin’s (expletive) holster… there was no backlash from the Liberals.

Despite the fact that the insult was explicitly ‘homophobic’. The fact that it slammed Trump meant there was no penalty to pay.

The Left closed ranks to defend him. Just like they did for the continued depiction of Trump’s Assassination — even AFTER the shooting.

(When someone stood up DURING that play to protest the depiction of Trump’s assassination, they were booed and arrested. News reports dismissed them as irrelevant hacks, not brave protesters.)

But Jenner makes ONE little joke, at the expense of Liberals, and they lose their minds, and go straight for the personal attacks against Jenner.

(Because, How DARE Jenner betray their cause like that?)

Her comments about liberals caused outrage on social media as several blasted Jenner for making the remark, including actress Debra Messing.
The Will & Grace star took to Twitter and wrote: ‘OMG. This is Disgusting. Absolutely shameful. @Caitlyn_Jenner’.
Another Twitter user called Jenner out for her 2015 car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway that killed Kimberly Howe, aged 70.

I’d forgotten all about Debra Messing until her tweets were published, but for the same of time and space, let’s take her as a placeholder for the rest.

We took a few moments and looked back over her Twitter feed. The same woman who Blasted Jenner for that joke retweeted THIS with absolutely ZERO sense of irony:

Bigots and crazies in your base? Which side is normalizing violence?

She also retweeted that the Julius Ceasar ‘does not advocate violence against a president or anyone’.

And tweeted:

THANK YOU???????? I pray we have free and fair elections in my lifetime.

Right. Becuase the right somehow ‘hacked’ the election process. Despite those numerous recounts.

And she tweeted:
The shooter this morning was a criminal, not a Democrat. Here are some of his mugshots.

Oh, Debra. Bless your little wooden head. No, dear. He was a Democrat. He volunteered on Bernie’s Campaign. He had ALMOST as much anti-Trump / Pro-liberal vitriol on HIS feed as you do on yours. What do you think his ‘kill list‘ was all about?

But You obviously have WAY more time on your hands to tweet leftist political rantings than that homeless guy in a van did.

Here’s what your side really means by their hypocricy:

The LEFT plays by no rules. They are not limited by rules of evidence. They are not constrained by decency. Guilt of any allegation against a leftist must be disproven.

If someone on the right does something bad, it’s because ALL conservatives are ‘evil’.

But NEVER say something about ‘the movement’. If someone on the Left does something, the motivation is NOT his politics. Even when he is explicitly motivated by politics.

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