Matador Trips On His Cape While Bull Fighting – That Was A BIG Mistake

In Bullfighting, there is ZERO margin for error.

This is why…

One world’s most renowned bullfighters, Ivan Fandino, made one small mistake.

A serious mistake.

It was a mistake he eventually paid for with his life.

Fandino scrambled to get out of the way of the Bull but got his feet tangled in his cape. And stumbled.

And just like that, the bull was on top of him.

The other Matadors did what they could. They shielded him with their own capes and distracted the bull.

They lifted him out of the ring, rushing him to get medical help. But the damage was already done.

His last words were said to be ‘Hurry up, I’m dying!’.

Turns out, teasing a bull in an enclosed space is dangerous work.

Share if there’s not enough money in the world to wear that suit and tease bulls for a living.

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