PARENTS: What If Muslim Kids Threatened Your Kid At School? This Is DISGUSTING!

Written by K. Walker on June 1, 2017

That’s what happened to this kid, and you won’t believe what the parents had to do…

In Berlin, Germany — homeland of many migrants thanks to Angela Merkel — a teen boy was subjected to daily beatings, bullying, and feared for his life in his ‘multicultural’ school.

It got so bad that his parents had to pull him out of the school.


Because he was Jewish.

Beatings and abuse from Muslim classmates have been cited by the parents of a Jewish teenager as the reason they removed him from a leading Berlin school.

The 14-year-old was born in London to a British mother and a German father. According to a report in the Sunday Times, the student was kicked and punched by students of Middle Eastern and Turkish origin so many times he was left fearing for his life. One of the attackers is alleged to have threatened to shoot him with a mock gun he believed was real.

I’m old enough to remember when abuse of Jewish kids was called anti-Semitism.

Is that still the case if it’s Muslims doing it?

The Times reports Ferdinand and his parents — Gemma, an entrepreneur from London, and Wenzel, a human rights organiser — chose a multicultural environment for their son’s schooling. Until recently the family had hosted a Syrian refugee in their Berlin home.

“I loved the fact that the school was multicultural . . . the kids and teachers were so cool,” Ferdinand said.

Yet within a week of enrolling last November, at a school where almost three-quarters of the pupils are from immigrant families, Ferdinand’s troubles began after he let slip that he was Jewish.

“First my Turkish friend Emre said he could no longer hang out with me because I was Jewish,” Ferdinand said. “Then other pupils started saying stereotypical things about how Jews only want money and hate Muslims.”

So, to show that they didn’t like the alleged Jewish ‘intolerance’ of Muslims, the Muslim students decided to terrorize him with beatings and racial epithets.

To promote ‘Tolerance’…?

But about that Middle East Peace where many on the Left demand that Israel really needs to be more accommodating…

“This boy, Jassin, whose parents are Palestinian, asked me if I’m from Israel,” Ferdinand said. “I’ve never been to Israel. He said Palestine will burn Israel and his friends said Turkey will burn Israel. He kept kicking me.

“One day he came up to me from behind and he punched me in the back. I became dizzy . . . I had a bruise for a week or two. Every time something bad happened, I told myself I could manage it, but it only got worse.”

It turns out, Ferdinand’s experience isn’t unusual in Merkel’s Germany:

As Breitbart Jerusalem has reported, anti-Semitism is rising in a variety of forms in Germany, and is being found to include criticism of the modern state of Israel in general and Jews in particular.

The Independent Expert Group on anti-Semitism published its findings in Germany at the end of April on the matter. It found Jews are “increasingly concerned for their safety due to everyday experiences of anti-Semitism” as the number surveyed who agreed with anti-Semitic statements rose from 28 per cent in 2014 to 40 per cent in 2016.
Read more: Breitbart


Anti-semitism is on the rise in Germany?

You’d think with their history they’d be on top of that and destroy that hateful ideology completely.

Well, maybe that’s what happens when you allow all of these ‘refugees’ in without a proper background check and don’t integrate them into western society because ‘multiculturalism’ says that it’s not necessary.

Behold: Germanistan.

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