QUESTION: What Should Michelle Obama’s Memoirs Be Titled?

Published on June 13, 2017

Here’s one even WE can’t wait to see the comment thread for!

You know The Obamas are making a gazillion dollars for their books.

Why? It’s the reward for having been married to the empty suit the Left picked to advance their agenda having been on the inside track of the Presidency.

Have you got any suggestions?

Here are a few to get the ball rolling…

— ‘Alpha Woman, Beta Male’

— ‘They (Still) Call Me Sasquatch’

— ‘Sold More Copies Than Hillary’s’

— ‘Double Down — Our Party, Your Childrens’ Debt’

— ‘Tears Of Our (Democrat) Successors’

— ‘I Wore The Pants, He wore the Mom Jeans’

— She Looka Like a Man

— ‘Quick! Cash the Cheque Before they Read It’

— ‘Laughing All The Way To The Bank’

— ‘Obama’s White House: Even Uglier On The Inside’

— ‘If Looks Could Kill’

— ‘Fundamentally Transformed’

— ‘Richer Than Hillary

— ‘A Lifetime Of Travel In Just Eight Years’

— ‘We Broke It, You Bought It’

— ‘I Can’t Believe We Got Away With It!’

You probably have a few yourself. Hit us with your best ones in the comments.

They BOTH have big egos and thin skin, but they insist on staying in the spotlight.

Since they WANT to the be the center of attention, share this around to make sure they’re getting the kind you WANT them to have.