Their Real ‘End Game’: All Leftist Attacks Have One Common Objective

Written by Kenn Daily on June 22, 2017

A first objective in modern warfare is to cripple the enemy’s energy supply.

It’s no surprise, then, that the ult-left is focused on climate change. The intent is not to protect the planet from diesel fumes, smokestacks, or plastic Walmart bags. The intent is to cripple the energy supply of first-world nations.

Australia, for example, has enjoyed twenty-six years of economic growth. That’s unprecedented. It’s also anathema to globalists who envision a world economy based on equity; not prosperity.

The nation down under points to its rich natural resources and human ingenuity for its economic growth. Globalists gasp in dismay as that economy surges ahead of third-world nations.

The solution? Simple. Cripple Australia’s energy supply.

Ostensibly the globalists pretend they are saving the planet from devastating greenhouse gases. In reality they are devastating the lives of millions.

Writing for, Peta Credlin notes:

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot. We’re economically shooting ourselves in the head.

Right now, China’s emissions are 20 times those of Australia and even if they meet their Paris Agreement commitments, by 2030, China’s emissions will be 50-60 times ours. Seriously? We sell off industry and jobs in a mistaken belief the world that is acting with similar intent but it is clear they’re not, and won’t. Again, remember my refugee example and you get what I mean.

Globalists are not interested in preserving the environment. They’re determined to destroy free-market economies that soar outside the Marxist mandate for global equity.

Crippling our energy supply is one of many battle fronts.

Another field of battle in the war against the West is the destruction of the traditional Western family.

The foot soldiers at the battle front are so-called feminists.

Cultural Marxism has convinced Western women that homemaking is akin to slavery. Women are deprived of access to careers, they say, noting that many high-paying occupations are dominated by men. In reality, the woman liberated from birthing babies, baking pasta, and keeping tidy houses find themselves slaving away in hamburger joints or driving garbage trucks.

How liberating.

What’s more, those women who prefer family life are stigmatized and ridiculed as “the 1950’s housewife.”

A third assault has been launched against Western culture.

We watch in horror as literary giants and artisans of the past are demonized as pawns of colonialism. A portrait of William Shakespeare was recently removed from the campus of a Pennsylvania college while primary schools in Britain are purging their classes of classics by Charles Dickens. These antiquated dead white men no longer reflect the diversity of the United Kingdom. And so they are replaced.

Many of us are old enough to remember a national holiday honoring our first president, George Washington. That honor now goes to Martin Luther King. Dare to utter a protest and promptly be labeled an intolerant racist.

All of us are old enough to recall the displacement of Civil War monuments in the South. Just this week a memorial to Johnny Reb was dismantled in Lake Eola Park, Florida. The memorial had been in place for 100 years. Ostensibly, the statue was removed to purge the South of its unseemly history.

How long before the Washington Monument will be renamed in honor of some social justice warrior? How long before the American flag will be lowered and relegated to museums alongside the Confederate flag? How long before the Pledge of Allegiance will be silenced in our schools? How long before Andrew Jackson’s image is displaced on our currency and replaced with a social justice warrior?

A fourth battle is the displacement of ethnic Westerners.

The flood of Muslims into Western European continues unabated. The excuse is asylum from war-torn Islamic nations. The real reason is the displacement of Western culture.

When I visited England in 1973, I saw only one non-white person. In our generation — after thousands of years — the British population has been decimated. It happening to all of Europe.

Rest assured that globalists care little about “people of color”. They care only about destroying Western civilization.

in 1800 about 80 percent of America’s citizens were white. 20 percent were black. Today the non-Hispanic white population of our nation has dwindled to about 62 percent and, within a generation, white Americans will be a minority.

Those who cringe at our own destruction are chided for their abject racism.

Note the name-calling.

Those who oppose the assault on our energy supplies are demonized as “climate change deniers”. Advocates of traditional families are stigmatized as misogynists. Oppose the displacement of our culture and be chided as a racist. Oppose our displacement and be labeled a xenophobe or Islamophobe.

It is my contention that we are in the midst of a world war. As chariots gave way to longbows which were displaced by heavy artillery and aircraft, the weapons of today are not conventional.

Our minds are being bombarded by television and the cinema. Our educational institutions double as indoctrination centers. The war against the West is like no other. It is a war being fought in our minds by convincing us that there is a moral mandate to surrender our energy supplies, families, culture, and people.

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Kenn Daily
Kenn Gividen (aka, Kenn Daily) is the publisher of Now 64 years old, Kenn formed his conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be bullied into silence regarding racial issues. Violent black crime is a signature issue of his website. Kenn is a semi-retired business owner. He lives in Indiana with his wife of 40 years. He has two grown children -- a daughter and son -- four grandchildren, and two granddogs.