‘RIGGED’ ELECTIONS: Most Of Dem Georgia Campaign Funded By THIS State

Published on June 19, 2017

The Democrats are desperate to claim a scalp in the elections for the optics a ‘win’ would give them. And they’re dumping boatloads of money to do it.

Georgia is a Red State. If Democrats can score a win in a Red State, their media lapdogs can spin the narrative that Trump is losing his base. Or something like that.

(Forget that they paid little or no attention to the thousand or so Democrat seats lost since Obama was first elected.)

So much money is being poured into the race in Georgia that local news programs are being extended so that they have room for all the commercials.

That’s a LOT of money. But where is it coming from?

Ossoff, a 30-year old documentary filmmaker, faces Republican Karen Handel in a special election Tuesday to replace former Republican Rep. Tom Price who accepted President Donald Trump’s offer to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. (RELATED: Ossoff Sets Record For Out Of State Donations)

He reported 7,218 donations from the state of California and 808 donations from Georgia over the past two months, according to the Mercury News. Ossoff had over 3,000 donors in the San Francisco Bay area alone, nearly four times as many donors as he had in Georgia.

Overall, between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported $456,296.03 from California compared to $228,474.44 from Georgia. Ossoff received more than $220,000 from the Bay area alone. The Mercury News noted that the totals were only a fraction of the actual donations since he doesn’t have to report donations of less than $200. — read more

Has the Left noticed their own hypocrisy?

They bang their Russia drum day after day. Putin hacked our elections, they say.

What do they MEAN by that?

They mean that outside forces (in this case, foreign) got involved, and made the Outcome of that vote be different than it would have been without any outside tampering.

And they will tell you that such tampering is a bad thing. So bad, in fact, that Trump is somehow illegitimate because of it.

Hold that thought.

If the locals having an unhindered opportunity to vote for the person who best represents THEIR interests is of Critical importance in a free and fair election…

Why in the HELL is Georgia being flooded with special interest money from Leftists in California? Do they even CARE about the local interests of Georgia? Or are they using the citizens of Georgia to advance their private political aims?

Although there has been literally ZERO proof of any (Successful) tampering of US elections by Russia …

The same people who INSIST that Trump is somehow Putin’s Puppet…

Are ACTUALLY doing EXACTLY what they are accusing Putin of doing.

Not because they want what’s best for Georgia.

But because they want to use Georgian voters as pawns in their political game.

It’s wrong when Putin does it… AND it’s wrong when Americans do it to other Americans.

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