Suicide Pact Amongst 12yr. Olds Spawns A ‘State Of Emergency’

Written by K. Walker on June 22, 2017

While the news media freak out about the Manufactured Crisis Of The Day™, a real crisis was unfolding.

Children are killing themselves. In crowds. Little kids.

A state of emergency has been declared in the Wapekeka First Nation in Canada after a third 12-year-old girl killed herself as part of a suicide pact.

Jenera Roundsky died on June 13 after she texted a friend to say goodbye from an outdoor hockey rink in the town of about 400 people, northwest of Ontario near Thunder Bay.

Chief Brennan Sainnawap issued the emergency declaration on Tuesday night following a town meeting, CBC reports.

Jenera was the third girl to die from a group that formed a suicide part in the town last summer.

Wapekeka band manager Joshua Frogg told CBC last week Jenera was sent away to a mental health facility earlier this year after the death, however she returned home to Wapekeka just weeks ago – against the wishes of community leaders.

‘There was no plan of care, there was no safety plan for her,’ Frogg said.

‘We don’t have enough personnel to keep watching people on a 24/7 basis that are at high risk, we try, but we just don’t have the resources.’

CBC reports almost 40 young people in the community are considered high suicide risks, which represents almost 10 per cent of the community’s entire population.

By declaring a state of emergency, Wapekeka is requesting immediate help from Ontario – which would include funds and other forms of aid.
Source: Daily Mail

Where the government had failed, private donors have stepped in.

Private donor steps in to help Wapekeka First Nation after Health Canada refused

From that article:

Since the deaths of Jolynn Winter on January 8 and her friend Chantell Fox, who followed Winter two days later, another four girls were medevaced out of the community and are still receiving treatment.

A private donor, moved by the suicides of two, 12-year-old girls in remote Wapekeka First Nation, will fund the $380,000 that Health Canada refused to give them for youth mental health workers.

Wapekeka Chief Brennan Sainnawap wrote Health Canada last July, begging for funding as they feared a youth suicide pact in the community but the federal department refused.

The donor, who contacted Wapekeka last week, is a private citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor has already wired $30,000 to Wapekeka to help pay for emergency mental health crisis team needs and the rest of the money will follow later this week to reinstate the youth mental health program.

Out of tragedy, some signs of hope. Not from the government, but by some ‘evil’ rich person.

And it was anonymous, too.

There is a lot of ‘bad’ news in the world. But it’s not ALL bad.

There are still signs of encouragement out there, that even someone with a ‘messed up’ life can go on to do amazing things. That exact topic came up in this latest podcast. Click it to hear it:

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