Teacher Slams White People On Tucker’s Show – That Rant Cost Her Big Time!

Published on June 21, 2017

Tucker just proved that sunlight really IS the best disinfectant!

The CONSERVATIVE solution to bad speech is never suppression. It’s exposure for the bad speech that it is.

Remember that clip from Young Guns II?

There’s another way to be ‘made famous’. And one race-baiting teacher just learned that the hard way.

If you want to see the original visit that led to this story, we covered it before, and you can see the video here.

She was teaching a speech class at Essex County College in Newark New Jersey. We say ‘was’. We say ‘was’ because days after her interview, she was informed that she is no longer teaching that class. Indefinitely.

Predictably, she ran straight to inflammatory racial terms to describe her suspension.

When she arrived on campus June 8, Durden was abruptly suspended. She was told she had to cancel classes and report to the Human Resources Department.

Durden, without an explanation, informed her students, who were still waiting for her to arrive, that class was canceled.

That confused her students: Durden had always told them that she would never be absent unless “she had died.”

She didn’t have a reason. She didn’t know why, until she went to Human Resources

“They did this to humiliate me,” Durden said. “Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.‘ — read the rest

That’s called ‘melodrama’.

I’m sure people who have been on the receiving end of race-based violence (whatever the color of their skin) would be ready to put her melodrama in its proper context.

Like the guy who was recently knifed nine times by a racist gang, who shouted racist slurs during the attack.

She was not ‘lynched’. The fact that she’s still alive is proof of that.

She made herself a public figure. On purpose. She aligned herself with a political cause.

It’s called ‘branding’. The school has a right to decide whether to have such public figures on their faculty.

You need look no further than Mizzou for what can happen if you take politically volatile causes and endorse them by staff. Their enrollment took a hit.

Political grandstanding like that can instantly alienate future students.

You can ALSO alienate alumni and any future donations by them.

They had to make a decision between embracing this chick (and her race-baiting baggage) or cutting their losses.

This chick was overhead. The students were profit.

Not a difficult choice to make.

Share if it’s Stupidity, not Racism that’s getting this chick dumped.