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WATCH: Dude Catches Thug That STOLE His Car And Commences To Whupping His …

On his way to the police station to report it stolen, he spots the thief driving his car. What would YOU do?

Bystanders in another car caught the incident already underway:

The owner was driving a minivan in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Sunday when he spotted his stolen Honda Civic on the road and started following it, police said.
The owner eventually cut in front of Ephraim Diaz, who was behind the wheel of his car, and beat him in the street in a vicious confrontation captured on film.

…In a video taken across the intersection, two men can be seen crowded around Diaz, while a woman can be heard screaming for the beating to stop.
Diaz managed to get up and run away before he was arrested near 41st Street and charged with taking a vehicle without permission. — Read More

In New Jersy, if someone gets caught stealing your car, they don’t play around.

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