Watch: HS Graduation Turns Bloody When Obama Voters Start Throwing Punches

One woman, 15 weeks pregnant, was on the ground, getting hit and kicked. Blood ‘was pouring’ from her head and face when she was helped up. Charges will be filed.

The fight was said to have begun over a ‘family feud’.

‘My sister fought one of the girls who was graduating,’ Bouchard told the New York Post. She said she got caught up in it all while she was trying to defend her younger sister

Seriously? This little spat was more important than enjoying the graduation ceremony?

The William Floyd School District released a statement condemning the fight, saying: ‘We are disappointed by the actions of those who instigated the incident on what was a joyous occasion for our students and their families.’
The statement also said district officials will be pressing charges, though no arrests were immediately made.

Was your grad ceremony this jacked up?

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