WATCH: Teen Thugs BULLY & BEAT Mentally Challenged Man – EPIC PARENTING FAIL!

Published on June 6, 2017

If you doubted whether America’s youth are becoming feral, look how they mistreat a disabled man when his back was turned.

What do these zeroes do for an encore, trip old blind women?

There once was a time where it was the mark of true manhood to PROTECT the most vulnerable in our midst, not attack them.

The video is even in slow-motion. The shock and surprise on their victim’s face is obvious.

And then he chases him to hit him again.

If YOU were present when this little twig cold-cocked him not once, but twice, what would YOU do?

Call the cops? Lay a good beating on him? Something else?

The little rodent’s buddies all stood and laughed.

In a few short years, THESE will be passing themselves off as ‘men’.

Looks like they ALL need a dad (or some kind of father-figure) to step in and straighten them out before they find their sorry asses in the prison system’s revolving doors.

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