Arrogant Cyclist Blows Through Red Light – Regrets It Instantly!

Published on July 18, 2017

Someone’s luck just ran out. Twice.

This moron is the reason why downtown motorists HATE cyclists.

They are given all sorts of concessions (notice the ridiculously expensive green lane in the road for cyclists’ exclusive use) and they STILL have a nasty habit of ignoring the rules of the road.

It’s the kind of dramatic collision you would call out as BS if you saw it in a PSA.

But it’s real enough. We’ve got the news report to prove it.

A cyclist who was struck by a vehicle after running a red light in Ottawa’s downtown core Saturday appeared to walk away from the shocking collision unscathed, except for a fine.

The dramatic afternoon crash at the intersection of Lyon Street and Laurier Avenue West was caught on a vehicle’s dashboard camera.

…The video shows a man cycling through a red light. After the impact, the man hits the car’s windshield and rolls off, as the bike flies several metres through the air, nearly hitting a pedestrian on the opposite sidewalk.

The man who was struck by the car can be seen getting back up on his feet immediately after the impact.–CBC

(FYI, meters and yards are roughly the same size.) So the good news is that he was ok.

And now the bad news:

Ottawa police said the cyclist was observed running a red light and they later charged him in connection to the incident. —CBC

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