Clash Poll: Are You Surprised Trump Dumped The Scaramucci?

Published on July 31, 2017

The Mooch may not have had the longest term as White House Comms Director, but he might have had the most colorful.

Milk has sat in my fridge longer than ‘the Mooch’ held his Comms Director job.

Just ten days after Scaramucci took Washington by storm with his big talk and salty language, he’s packing his bags and moving on.

Whether he’ll find himself another position within the White House (or whether his ego would even accept a demotion) remains to be seen.

Any assumptions that his adoring devotion to Trump might insulate him from the consequences of his more — colorful — actions have been proven wrong.

His infamously vitriolic and obscene ‘on the record’ conversation with a Reporter — and his mea culpa about ‘trusting a reporter’ may have had something to do with his head rolling as Comms Director.

On General Kelly’s first day, the same guy who had threatened to fire ‘everybody’ got a pink slip of his own.

If Trump is trying to set a new, less chaotic tone, this was probably a good place to start.

There’s a new Sheriff in town, it seems. Do you suppose Kelly got the ‘do you know who I am’ speech, too? If he did, he wasn’t impressed by it.

Most Republican establishment types applauded the move, believing, as Kelly clearly did, that Scaramucci had already sacrificed his credibility inside and outside the White House, and had become a massive distraction.
“General Kelly is 1 for 1,” tweeted Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo in the wake of Mooch’s firing. “Let’s keep it going.”
Curbelo reflected the feelings of lots of Republican elected officials who viewed Scaramucci as, at best, a distraction and, at worst, an actively negative force within a White House already careening out of control. –CNN

That’s their reaction. What’s yours?

Share if you think, that if nothing else, Scaramucci certainly made a splash.