Dr. Alveda King: President Trump Is Leading The Civil Rights Movement For The Unborn

Published on July 21, 2017

Are the Democrats proudly on the wrong side of Civil Rights history… Again?

Much has already been said about the KKK’s deep ties to one political party…

The Democrats.

But are the Democrats so busy pandering to ever-evolving special interest groups that they are blind to the REAL Civil Rights issue of the day?

They may walk around with their chests puffed up about which Pride events they attended, and how they check all the right ‘intersectional feminist’ boxes politically but now, no less a recognized authority on Civil rights than Dr. Alveda King has weighed in.

And she says President Trump is leading the NEXT Civil Rights Movement.

And the people lined up on the other side of the issue? They still have ‘I’m with Her’ and ‘Resist’ stickers on the Bumpers of their Priuses.


Hillary and her supporters are so busy supporting the right of women to have ‘freedoms without responsibilities’, they have actually sided against and demonized and violated another group. Unborn babies.

At least this time, they don’t have to wear their special uniforms to back the Democrat Cause, like they did in 1924.

1924 Democratic Convention ‘Klanbake’ (Google it.)

Now they can just wear a dopey pink hat.

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