Jenner To Run For Senate — Because Politics Aren’t Nutty Enough Already

Published on July 19, 2017

Olympic Decathlete. Reality Star. Most Famous Sex change… ‘Woman of the Year’
And now… Senator?

What a whirlwind journey Jenner is on.

And it might be JUST getting started.

One of the by-products of Trump becoming President has been the floodgates opening for other political celebrities.

It’s not new, exactly. We’ve seen the Governator, Jesse Ventura, and Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken. And there was that OTHER Actor-Turned-President before Trump.

But since 2016, we’ve seen an uptick in celebrity interest in running for office.

We have already seen ‘the Rock’ and ‘Kid Rock‘ announce their intentions. And now we could be adding Jenner to this list.

Who will be more gobsmacked by that announcement? The Republicans who Jenner ‘hopes to help bring Republicans around’ on LBGT issues? (Supposing Jenner runs under the Republican banner.)

Or the Democrats, who love the bragging rights that come with having ‘the first’ of every special interest group in prominent positions of power.

Of course, there is still the possibility of Jenner picking the Democrat banner to run under. But even then, for all the reasons we saw support of Trump, we know that Jenner would not be the hardcore Leftist on many issues the way a Bernie Bro might be.

Or is ‘failure to be sufficiently radical’ disqualifying on the Left.

The only thing for certain is that upcoming elections could be TWICE the circus of earlier ones.

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