MSNBC Harpy Says Ivanka’s Dress At The G20 Was ‘Too Girly’ — Is She Crazy?

Published on July 13, 2017

Michelle Obama can wear something that looks like it was made from your grandmother’s drapes, and that’s ‘fashion-forward’, but IVANKA’s dress doesn’t measure up?

Is Joan Walsh saying that in order to be taken seriously, Ivanka has to wear a pantsuit?

They will stop at nothing to discredit or undercut their political rivals. Even if that means making s–t up.

Before we get into the criticism, let’s give the context.

Ivanka wore a pink dress to the G20. It had bows on the sleeves.

‘Vogue’ and ‘In Style’– those ‘Right-wing propaganda magazines’ — had something to say about that… ‘calling pink dresses and statement sleeves two of the biggest trends of the season.’ Ok, and that’s what Ivanka was wearing. Considering she owns a Fashion business, you wouldn’t be surprised to see her ‘in step’ with current fashions.

What did her critics have to say about it?

MSNBC — who have a long record of rabid Liberal support and visceral hatred of the Right — took time to rip into Ivanka and her choice of attire.

Pro tip: When you lead into your statements with “I don’t mean to sound sexist…” before criticizing someone you might want to rethink the next words out of your mouth. Because sometimes those instincts can be EXACTLY the voice you need to listen to.

Here’s what Salon’s Joan Walsh went on to say about the dress.

“In patriarchal, authoritarian societies, daughters have great value — they are property,” she said. “And the message that she is sending about her own value, about her place in the White House, and about the place of women in this administration, I think, are really frightening.”

…“That’s not a dress that’s made for work. That’s not a dress that’s made to go out in the world and make a difference. That is a dress that is designed to show off your girlyness… don’t tell us that you’re crusading for an equal place at the table, because you’re not.”

Maybe the MSNBC ‘personality’ should pull her head out of her backside, take a break from angry Social Justice anti-patriarchy rhetoric, and get out and enjoy life a little.

She seems petty and jealous. If Ivanka were ‘one of their own’ and had a (D) after her name, they would LOVE everything about her.

Ivanka doesn’t have to PROVE herself as strong or successful … her accomplishments speak for themselves.

As for the ‘ornamental’ bows somehow diminishing Ivanka’s ability to make a difference? Remember someone they used to call ‘The Iron Lady’?

Margaret Thatcher was close with President Reagan. She was a valuable Cold War ally, and she was every bit as tough in her country as he was here.

News flash to Ms Walsh — you can’t demonize everything that doesn’t fit in your neat little box and still expect us to take you seriously. That isn’t how a STRONG woman interacts with divergent opinions. Silencing people as ‘sexist’, ‘hate’, ‘phobic’ or ‘fascist’ only proves that you aren’t actually as strong as you claim.

Here, Ms Walsh. Read this. It will put things in perspective.

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