Video: Canadians Outraged At Canadian Gov’t $8M Payment To Gitmo Terrorist Omar Khadr

Published on July 18, 2017

Terrorist gets a fat payday and his victim’s family get squat. (He’s the guy who killed US Army Medic Speer.) Canadians are FURIOUS.

Ordinary Canadians are donating to the kids do to the right thing even though Trudeau threw Speer’s widow and kids under the bus.

Clashdaily first reported this last week, but it’s gotten traction in the news since then, thanks in part to (conservative) Rebel Media’s Brian Lilley starting a fund for his kids.


Here is the story detailing what happened, and how the PM’s government actually screwed over the widow and kids by fast-tracking the payout to get ahead of any legal claims by the victim’s family.
Canada’s Giving Mega Money To Gitmo Terrorist Who Killed An American

The decision, to the cheque ($10.5 M Canadian!) being cleared took a couple of days. Name ANYTHING else in government that moves that quickly.

But it’s worse than just compensating some generic terrorist.

(Did we mention that his daddy was the money guy for someone named Osama Bin Laden in this article written back in 2001? Hmmm. Financier… OBL… 2001… why is that ringing a bell? Did something significant happen that year?)

A Canadian citizen who was once personally helped by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has been named among nine of the most wanted terrorists in Afghanistan.

Ahmed Said Khadr has caused embarrassment for Ottawa since his name turned up among 39 people the United States branded as terrorists two months ago.

Now, the former charity organizer is included among a handful of top al-Qaeda masterminds on a list of wanted men circulated among militia groups in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported yesterday. —Globe and Mail

Canadians, predictably, are disgusted by this.

According to an Angus Reid Institute poll released Tuesday, 71 per cent of Canadians say the Liberal government should have fought a legal case with Khadr rather than settling out of court. They added it should have been left to the courts to decide if Khadr — a Canadian citizen who spent 10 years in Guantanamo Bay — was wrongfully imprisoned.

Only 29 per cent of Canadians thought the Liberals did “the right thing” by offering an apology and compensation to Khadr. — Read More

If you’re Canadian or know Canadians, here is the link to the Indiegogo donation page for the Speer kids.

If you wanted to thank Brian Lilley for doing the right thing, and showing the world what Conservatives are REALLY like, here’s his twitter handle. @brianlilley

We at ClashDaily salute you for this, Brian Lilley.

Meanwhile, Canadians need Trudeau to read this book… Desperately.

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