Watch: Gun Wielding Morons Threaten Trump – Is That Legal?

Published on July 5, 2017

He’s upset that his mama is on food stamps. But how much do you think those guns and chains are worth?

Food stamps are there for people who need them. But not everyone RECEIVING food stamps actually needs them.

We think this jackass’s momma might not be as ‘impoverished’ as he would have us think.

Baton Rouge Gang Banger Wants War With Trump

Here's a resident of the Sherwood Forest area in Baton Rouge. He says he's going to declare war on Donald Trump for taking his mama's food stamps. Do you think he practices at the range?***WARNING** – Extremely graphic language.

Posted by Walton and Johnson on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And supposing she is, what the hell is he spending all his ‘honest earnings’ on chains and guns for, anyway? Doesn’t he love his mama enough to look after her?

This moron from Baton Rouge just stuck his neck out on Facebook. You can be sure it isn’t The President who will show up at his door.

But he might expect a visit from the Feds for the treats he’s uttered. And his mama might get a visit from Child Protective Services to see what other unruly urchins are growing up under her ‘care’.

Declaring war on the Government, and directly threatening the President while waving around your guns? That’s a good way to go home to mama in a box.

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